Due to the limited disposal options and higher disposal fees available for these types of loads an additional charge may apply from some locations.

What are Heavy Materials?

Heavy materials – are products that are or made from or that incorporate these types of products or materials?

Soil, Dirt, Clay & Shale
Gravel, Stones


Roof tiles
Ceramic tiles

Some larger items of machinery or equipment may also exceed the weight limits.

In General

If you are placing heavy items in a bin please be aware that larger bins do have weight restrictions. It is difficult to explain all the variables that might impact on how much weight or heavy materials can be placed in a bin. A bin is considered overfull when it can no longer be lifted or carried legally or safely. In addition to this, road rules, design, carrying and lifting capacity limitations and general safety impose certain limitations we must follow to safely transport heavy materials. It is important that if you need to dispose of these items you discuss this with our office. If you are unsure contact our office or go to our FAQ Page to read more.

How much weight can I put in the bin with mixed loads?

As a general guide the maximum load for bins is ‘1 tonne per cubic metre’ however bins larger than 6m3 have additional limits applied to them. For bins from 6m3 up to 15m3 this translates to about half the bin capacity of heavy materials. As a general guide 20m3, 25m3, 30m3 bins are not suitable for heavy materials as even with additional lighter items they easily exceed what can be lifted or carried legally or safely.

Loading Guidelines – Heavy Materials

Please note that the guidelines are calculated to account for air space within the bin along with the waste. These limits do not allow for hand loading and stacking of bricks, pavers concrete etc that would increase the weight in the bin.

Please note:

NO filling above the rim of the bin or the ‘solid fill line’ (7m3 – 9m3 bins). For Big Bins (12m3 to 30m3) specific loading instructions will be given by our office or the driver. If these guidelines are exceeded we reserve the right to leave the bin behind and charge an additional fee for lost time, time onsite, a return trip or the time it takes to unload and make a bin safe for transport.