Skip Bins with doors – makes life easier!

Doors make life easier by making moving rubbish into the skip easier. Our unique designs mean no ramp-up or drop-down into the bin.
Traditional skip bins never had a door, which meant rubbish needed to be lifted over the sides. In most cases, this did not matter. In some cases, this wasn’t easy, i.e. items such as concrete, rocks, soil, etc. and more oversized household and business items.
We were one of the first companies in Brisbane to introduce door access into our bin design. The Handybin range of ‘lift-on, lift-off’ bins makes accessing the bin easier. Larger and heavier items are no longer an issue.

Skip Bins, Doors & Tailgates

The door is a swinging wheelbarrow door and is available on all 6m, 7m, 8m & 9m bins. They are also available in some 4m & 5m bins. The door is 750 mm wide, accommodating a large tradesman’s wheelbarrow. The doors are at one end of the bin (facing the road if we place the bin on your driveway). Only in certain circumstances can we turn the bins around (a charge may apply). We also have 6m tailgate bins (lift on-lift off bins) available for jobs that need rear-opening access. The tailgate acts as a ramp into the bin and sits less than 60 mm off the ground for easy loading. The width of the tailgate is 1.300 metres.

Due to the size of the tailgate, we recommend a two-person lift (or one strong person) to drop the door down. Our drivers would be happy to help if required.

NOTE: The 4m & 5m skip bins with the door and the 6m bins with rear tailgates are very popular and may not always be available. If you make an online booking, we will confirm availability as soon as possible. If you need to know sooner, don’t hesitate to contact our office on 3821 3200.

Handybin Door Bin
4 Metre Door Handybin
Tailgate 1.300 Metres Wide

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We continue to look for new and innovative ways to service our customers by developing,  and introducing new services to meet our growing market.

The tailgate on a Big Bin is 2.500mm wide and has an internal opening of 2.300mm

Our range of bins is one of the most complete in Brisbane. The range of Handybins are a ‘Lift On, Lift Off’ style bin. Along with our range of Handybins, we have a range of larger bin sizes called ‘BIG BINS’. These are a ‘Roll On – Roll Off’ style bin (RORO) and are available in 12m³, 15m³, 20m³, 25m³ & 30m³ capacity.

These bins are a tailgate-style bin with a 2.3-metre opening tailgate. These are suitable for commercial and industrial situations, larger building and construction, and demolition sites or factory/business cleanups.

This style of bin has a door at the rear similar to a tip truck and swings to the side of the bin allowing 2.300-metre access. These bins sit on a  sub-frame of 200mm so a small ramp will be needed to wheel items into the bin.

With such a comprehensive range of specialised skip bins and sizes, we are confident we have the right size and style bin to match your job.

View a Guide to the size and capacity of bins.