Handybin Skip Bins are such an easy way to get rid of rubbish. When it comes to skip bins our range of Handybin skips and bins is second to none! Our range includes ‘Certified Crane Bins’ and ‘bins with doors’ for easy loading, so the next time you need to move rubbish and unwanted items call Handybin. We have a range of options from a 1 – 7 day hire period and extended periods for jobs that take a little bit longer.

Ring us today to book a Handybin Skip Bin or simply book your skip bin online.

Handybin Features  & Service

  • Big range of sizes
  • All sizes from 2m³ – 9m³
  • Easy loading – door access from 4m³ bins
  • Crane rated 3m³ bins available
  • Flexible time onsite from 1 –  7 days
  • Additional time onsite is available
  • Delivery Monday to Saturday
  • Waste recycling option available
  • Keeps sites clean and tidy

Handybin Applications

  • Ideal for one off cleanup jobs & for short and long term use
  • Ideal for builders, renovators and clean-ups in all sorts of situations
  • Suitable for a variety of waste types
  • High weight/volume limits on most bin sizes for bricks, dirt, concrete etc
  • Suitable in a wide range of situations i.e Construction & Building sites, Home. Office, Schools, Clubs, Factories, Shops etc etc
  • Ideal solution on building and construction sites to maintain an aesthetically tidy site and a safe work environment.
Handybin Truck No. 4

What a difference a door makes!

An innovative door design means … Easy loading

We were one of the first companies in Brisbane to introduce door access on a larger range of bin sizes, in particular the Handybin range of ‘lift-on, lift-off’ bins. Our well thought out design means that no ramp is needed to access the bin, making loading easier.

Wheel barrow doors are available on all 6m, 7m 8m & 9m bins and some 4m & 5m bins. The door is 750 mm wide which will accommodate a large tradesman’s wheelbarrow. Our proven design means that no ramp is needed to access the bin, providing a safe and efficient way to load your rubbish.

Our range also includes 6 cubic metre tailgate bins (lift on-lift off bins) available for jobs that need a rear opening door. The tailgate acts as a ramp into the bin and sits less than 60 mm off the ground for easier loading.

Handybin Door Bin
2 Metre Handybin
4 Metre Door Handybin
6 Metre Door Handybin
9 Metre Door Handybin

Crane it ! Crane Bins available now !

We have bins that are certified for crane use – for situations where you need to lift waste from high rise construction sites or from difficult locations such as behind walls, fences or buildings etc. The crane bins are a 3 cubic metre bin certified for use to a SWL of 3000 kg. (Conditions of use apply)

Crane bins have lifting points for attaching certified lifting mechanisms and  heavily constructed openings for forklift tynes. This allows crane bins to be moved around on site when bins are required under or inside buildings and tight or difficult locations. The design means that when crane bins are being moved around sites they sit securely on a forklift.

This well thought out design means that the crane bins can be emptied using ‘forklift rotator attachments’ (subject to weight, forklift and rotator specifications being adequate for the purpose).

Our crane bins are hired for situations that require a ‘lift up, lift down’ solution and not for repeated emptying of bins. This is primarily due to the excessive damage that occurs in situations where this occurs.

3m Certified Crane Bins - Handybin

For more information CALL 3821 3200 or email us at solutions@handybin.com.au

This is another way in which we strive to meet the needs of our customers by continuing to develop, innovate and introduce new services to meet our growing market.

Skip Bin Hire - Handybin Truck Fleet No.3

Our range of bins is one of the most complete in Brisbane. Handybins are available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 cubic metres. With such a complete range we know that we will be able to find the right bin size to match your job. If you need a larger bin you can also book one of our BIG BINS (12, 15, 20, 25 & 30 cubic metres).

If you’re searching for a smart handy and convenient way to dispose of rubbish from your home, office, business or without any hassle then call us today.

If it’s a prompt and reliable waste removal company your looking for you can rely on us. With the extensive range of sizes and 25 years of experience we have the right solutions for most rubbish removal jobs.

View a Guide to the size and capacity of bins.

Handybin Waste Services Truck
Mini Skip Truck
Skip Bin Hire - Handybin Truck


Please note our published Operational Guidelines and Terms & Conditions of Hire apply for all services provided by Skip Bins Brisbane Group Pty Ltd t/a Handybin Waste Services and RMG (Qld) Pty Ltd t/a Big Bins & A Big Bins.

If you have any questions please contact our office.